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Sewing Classes 


Foundation Paper Piecing with The Tartan Kiwi
We are really excited to be hosting Juliet van der Heijden (the Tartan Kiwi) for a beginner's foundation paper piecing workshop on 28 June 2015.  More details can be found here.

The Plus Cushion - An Introduction to Modern Quilting 

In this weekend workshop you will learn the basics of modern quilting and create a simple yet striking cushion cover. Topics covered include:
  • Basic quilting terms and what they mean; 
  • How to sew a 1/4" seam; 
  • How to use a rotary cutter and mat; 
  • How to sew simple patchwork 
  • How to create a quilt sandwich 

Machine-sewn Binding
Traditionally, binding is attached to one side of a quilt (by hand or machine) and then hand-stitched down on the other side of the quilt.  This three-hour workshop demonstrates how to do the whole process by machine for a faster, more durable finish.

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Public Speaking

Speaking from the Heart without Words (Grief and Creativity) - Sands 2015 Conference, Wellington, New Zealand
  • Creating a handmade item in memory of a loved one allows us to speak from the heart, and express our grief in ways that words cannot.  The act of making something by hand, of creating an item that previously did not exist, is immensely beneficial on a number of levels.  Not only is the creative process therapeutic but also the made item becomes a connection to your child; a validation of their existence. 

    Drawing on my own experience, this presentation aims to encourage those who have experienced profound grief, such as with the loss of a child, to find a creative outlet to support them on their grief journey.  The presentation will outline the therapeutic benefits of using art or craft to explore or express emotions and experiences relating to the loss of a child. 

Please email me for further information: milaandcuatro AT gmail DOT com
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