Saturday, 24 August 2013

Make me an Offer!

** I updated this to add pictures of the granny squares up for offer - Item L - at bottom of the list **

Yay for good ideas like Fugly / Lost the Love! I'm hoping to arrange a swap, or a few swaps - I have a range of things on offer, so take a look through and see if anything takes your fancy and whether you have anything that might help me fill some gaps in my stash.  I need/want stash builders/blenders or prints in:
  • Purple / lilac
  • Grey / beige
  • Yellow / orange;
  • or anything Kate & Birdie for Moda.
So here's what I can offer:

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A WIP and a Sneak peak

My brown bag doll's quilt currently looks like this:

I am busy getting ready for the Fugly Fabric Party, I've been organising my stash so I can see what is surplus to requirements and where my gaps are - I'm hoping to arrange a swap (or two, or three).  The fabric I'm offering isn't necessarily ugly, it's just surplus to requirements.  Did you know that not only is it about fabric, but there will also be a link party for unwanted WIPs (hosted by quokkaquilts).

Here's a sneak peak of some fabric (there'll be more) I'm going to offer up for a swap ...

Also, I'm having a cull in my vintage bed linen stash (I'm never going to get through all those sheets) ...

Not only that, but I have some granny squares that are surplus to requirements ...

So if you have something for which "You've lost that lovin' feeling", why not join in?

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

WIP Wednesday: Brown Bag Doll's Quilt

After reading this post over at Mama Love Quilts, I was inspired to give the Brown Bag technique a try. I have an awful lot of 2 and half inch squares left from putting together the Granny Squares for Ruby's quilt (more on that below) so I'm making a couple of doll's quilts.  I put all the 'pink' or 'pink accent' squares into a brown bag, shook it up and had Ruby help me draw them at random.  I allowed myself some get-out-of-jail-free cards whereby:
  • If we chose the same fabric one after the other, we could redraw; 
  • I could add the square at whichever end I felt like of the currently being pieced row; and 
  • I had a little pile of 'wildcards' that I could select from to sandwich between the current square and the newly selected square.
Here's the rows we have pieced so far ...

Ruby is loving helping me with it, she sits on my knee and gets the fabric pieces out of the bag (I tell her not to look but I'm sure she's taking some sneak peaks).  It's a bit tricky sewing with her on my knee, but it's just a doll's quilt so I'm not overly worried about perfection.

As for the granny square quilt, I need 24 blocks for single size quilt and I've made 32!  Ive decided on which ones need to find a new use and have put photos of all 32 grannies in my Flickr pool, for anyone who wants to take a look. This is my current favourite:

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- WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Saturday, 10 August 2013

5 Ways with Washi Tape

Transform a light switch ...

Decorate a cake stand ...

Tart up a tin ...

Create quick, fun wine charms ...

Add colour to brown paper wrapping and plain cards ...

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Frugal Friday at The Shabby Nest

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Westie Taggie

Tag toys for two Westie boys*.  Bulldogs on the front, skull and cross bones on the back.

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- Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story

* After reading the Wikipedia definition of a Westie, which isn't actually particularly pleasant if you're a Westie, I feel I should clarify that I use the term in a good-natured way.
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