Thursday, 30 August 2012

Volunteers needed

I am a volunteer for Sands Auckland Central, a charity that supports bereaved parents by providing support and resources, such as running support groups, providing phone and email support, providing hospitals with support packs and special memory booklets, managing a library for our members and producing a quarterly magazine. Sands Auckland Central is funded through grants and donations; it is not a government funded organisation.

One of the things provided to parents who lose their baby in one of the hospitals in the Sands Auckland Central area (Auckland City, North Shore Hospital, Waitakere Hospital) is a moses basket for their baby to lie in.  The moses baskets are theirs to keep.  The baskets have a mattress and are lined; the liners are sewn by volunteers.  We've just had a shipment of baskets arrive and need liners sewn up - so we're looking for volunteers to sew them.  The fabric and ribbons have been cut already, we just need people to sew them.

If you live in the Auckland area and can help, please contact Sands Auckland Central on

When Mila died, we were very grateful for all the support and resources provided by Sands Auckland Central.

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