Sunday, 16 September 2012

Stamps again

So recently I made some stamps and Ruby and I had fun stamping all over the show one rainy afternoon.  When I had a few spare minutes later that week I made this:

I started with some calico, and one of my homemade el cheapo stamps.  I didn't want to waste my fabric paint (Opaque Setacolor) so I painted the stamp with a brush rather than using some sort of inkpad, which would have soaked up a lot more of the paint.  This meant the effect I got was a bit patchy and you can kind of see the brush strokes (most obvious in the photo of it drying, below - they're not as obvious in the finished product).  My husband thought I needed to touch it up, to make it look perfect, but as it's my first attempt I'm not too bothered by it.  It's a gift for a sibling - I doubt they'll send it back with a note saying "touch up the print, darling".

I was going to embroider the bunting rope, but decided against it after doing a test run.

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