Tuesday, 27 November 2012


... almost.

The blackberries are a long way off ripe:

My berry patch has turned into a berry jungle.  I had no idea raspberries could be so invasive, they have totally taken over the strawberry patch, it's now far too crowded and I don't have time to do anything about it.  Some of the plants are not looking too healthy - yellowing on the leaves between the veins like in the blackberry photo above - the raspberry invasion has depleted the soil.

Once we start eating berries we'll pretty much have berries every week til end of summer - we've got strawberries, blueberries (two varieties, one of them is a dual cropper), Waiau raspberries (red ones), ivory raspberries (orange ones, dual croppers), berry delight (a loganberry/boysenberry hybrid) and blackberries.  I love berries, and so does Ruby - she has already eaten the ones in the photos, and any others that seemed ripe enough for her to munch.

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