Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A bit of a chore ...

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In other news, things are quiet around here because we're between homes at the moment.  We've sold up and are moving South - to the metropolis of Geraldine, population 2300.  3 more weeks til we get there.  In the meantime we're dossing at a relative's place and all we have with us is what will fit in the car (theoretically, I'm not sure it will actually fit ...).


  1. I forgot to thank you for the quilt spray! We've just sold our house and are moving on Saturday so I've been running around trying to do 10 things at once. No way could I get down to a car's worth of stuff! Luckily we're only going a couple blocks so we can easily move all our crap to the new place. Looking forward to hearing about Geraldine!

  2. Good luck with the big move! I am also very curious about life in Geraldine; I'm sure you're going to meet some amazing people :)


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