Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Old Sheet - New Placemat

There is still time to enter my DS Quilts fabric giveaway - so check it out if you haven't alreadyThese placemats inspired me to try some wavy line quilting.  I don't think I'll ever quilt in a straight line again.

Does this count as FMQ even though I used a walking foot???  This is my favourite old sheet from my ridiculously large vintage bed linen collection.  This week's favourite anyway.  The back is another sheet from the collection, which I think (sadly) is a polycotton.

I'm partway through making another one to match, complete with contrasting wavy line quilting - using general purpose thread, as I don't have any special quilting thread (yet). I used three colours on the top but the bobbin thread stayed white.  You can see little blips of coloured thread on the back so I'll be cautious about mixing colours in the future.

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  1. What a sweet placemat! Love the binding you chose. And those wavy lines look great, especially in the different thread colours, Great job!

  2. When I first looked at the placemat I thought the wavy lines were part of the fabric print - wow this looks great!

  3. lovely placemats. I really like the colours.

  4. Mmm, this is one quilting design I'm yet to try, but can't wait to do so!

  5. I've never tried wavy lines but I really like them here! I may have to try it.

  6. Great idea! I have placemats on my list of things to do, so I might just try the wavy lines quilting. It really looks good! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great idea! I also love the wavy lines :)

  8. visiting from Crazy mum quilts. This looks fab. What a great way to churn out a quilt quickly. I see you are from my favourite town - Geraldine. We stay at the Waihi Gorge DOC camp heaps over summer.

  9. Wow, wavy quilting with a walking foot! It looks great and I never would have ought to do it that way :)


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