Monday, 25 November 2013

Grocery bag holder: Scraps 101

Thanks to everyone who took a guess on my last post - it was such a fun way to do a giveaway that you can expect more take-a-guess-and-win type giveaways here in the future.  We had two people guess what it was - the winner is Deborah Gun, check your email Deborah!

This grocery bag holder with a scrappy strip adds a splash of colour and personality to my pantry.  This is project 1 of my new Scraps 101 Series.

To make one of your own, here's an add on to Craftiness is Not Optional's tutorial.  Check out that tutorial for what you need, then find some scraps of varying widths (mine were 1 - 2 inches wide) and 2 and half inches long.

Sew your scraps together to form a scrappy strip 22 inches long and 2 and a half inches wide.

Measure 2 inches from the long edge of your main fabric and pin your scrappy strip lengthways, 2 inches from the edge all the way down, right sides together.  Sew scrap to main fabric using a 1/4 inch seam, then press scrap strip so that the unsewn edge now sits flush with the edge of your main fabric.  You could baste it down an eighth of an inch from the raw edge, or just pin it like I did and treat it like one layer of fabric.

Now go back to Jess's tutorial and continue on from the start.  Instead of cotton tape I used a scrap piece measuring 2 inches x 7.5 inches, which I folded right sides together along the long edge, then turned right side out.  The main fabric of my holder was a thin polyester white fabric I found in an op shop (someone else's scraps), I'm glad I've found a way to put some of it to good use.

See you back here in a few days for some more scrappy goodness!

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  1. I love your version! I might have to make myself a new one and in a scrap strip like you have :)
    Via Sew Cute Tuesday :D

  2. Love those patchwork squares! Very pretty. A 101 Scrap Series is a great idea!

  3. Very cute! I love my bag's always full!

  4. Pretty nice.I might to make one.Thankjs for the tuto!


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