Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Crafty Advent

Our advent calendar for this year - a vintage coke crate with boxes made out of newspaper, and (you guessed it) stamped with foam stamps.

Each box has some supplies for a craft activity for Ruby and I to do on that day, as well as a letter stamped on the inside which spells out a message when they are all turned over ("Merry Christmas Ru + Pep-Mae).

Here are some example craft activities - I still haven't done them all but I only have to be a day ahead of myself.  A new stamp (I got the idea to use milk bottle tops from this post):

Some yarn, for making yarn snails:

Some fabric scraps:


  1. super cute! I love all things advent related :o) I host a Tuesday Link Party if you are interested in checking out a new party... I've also got some awesome giveaways on now until Monday night... stop by!!!

    1. Hi there, thanks for leaving a comment, I'll take a look at your link party, it's always good to find a new one!


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