Saturday, 24 August 2013

Make me an Offer!

** I updated this to add pictures of the granny squares up for offer - Item L - at bottom of the list **

Yay for good ideas like Fugly / Lost the Love! I'm hoping to arrange a swap, or a few swaps - I have a range of things on offer, so take a look through and see if anything takes your fancy and whether you have anything that might help me fill some gaps in my stash.  I need/want stash builders/blenders or prints in:
  • Purple / lilac
  • Grey / beige
  • Yellow / orange;
  • or anything Kate & Birdie for Moda.
So here's what I can offer:

Item A.  DS Quilts for Fabric Traditions - I've got TWO Fat Quarters (FQs) available  These have been swapped - they're on their way to a new home.

Item B. Florist Shop - I've got TWO ONE FQs available.  This is a great print for fussy cutting.

Item C. Brown dot - cream dot on brown fabric - I've got TWO  ONE FQs available.  This is a lovely basic brown, dots are quite small, that's an inch ruler placed on the fabric.

 Item D.- Infinity Flowers (from Spotlight) - I've got TWO FQs available

Item E - Sarah Feilke, On the Pond / Down River Plaid Pink  - I've got ONE FQ available.

Item F - Yellow Floral Vintage sheet, I've got TWO  ONE FQs available.

Item G - Pink/orange Floral Vintage sheet - I've got TWO  ONE FQs available

Item H - Purple/Blue Floral Vintage sheet - I've got TWO  ONE FQs available

Item I - Dusky rose/mustard Floral Vintage sheet - I've got TWO  ONE FQs available

Item J - Blue/mint Floral Vintage sheet - I've got TWO  ONE FQs available

Item K - Lilac Yarn (Wool/Soya Blend) - I've got quite a few balls, easily 10 if you want them.  At least 10 of them (if not all) are from the same dye lot.

Item L - Excess Granny Squares - excess granny squares I have left over from Ruby's quilt, check out this Flickr set for which ones are up for grabs - there are 7 individual blocks.  Here's what's available:
These have been swapped - they're on their way to a new home.

  • My followers get priority - so follow me on BlogLovin' if you really want something!
  • I'm not looking for vintage sheets - I have too many already!  I'm looking for modern fabric.
  • Just because I'm offering a FQ, doesn't mean I expect a FQ in return - got a few decent sized scraps?  Great, make me an offer!
  • I'm in New Zealand so my FQs are metric - they will measure at least 50cm x 50cm (probably cut a bit wonky but generously)
  • To keep shipping costs down, it would be good (but not essential) if a few went to each recipient
  • My dream swap would be Kate & Birdie Winters Lane


  1. Oooh, the florist shop tempts me. I have pearl bracelets in lilac and apricot (apricot is 10"xWOF and lilac is bigger than FQ) that I'd swap!

    1. They both sound great to me - I'm in NZ, are you ok with shipping to NZ? I have two of those available, would you want both or just one? Wow, loving this link party already!

    2. Are they both the same? NZ is fine... will fit in normal envelope. can you email me? won't remember to check back here.

    3. btw, your rocking horse block link from my WIP party block is going here - is there another link? can't see the block

  2. Hello - I am totally interested in the DS fabric - 1 FQ. I have lots of orange and purple FQs to trade if you like!? I'm a new follower :)

  3. I'm in love with all you "fugly fabric"! Can I have a FQ of each? lol. I have some Joyful Harvest scraps up for grabs (link #12) if youre interested.

    1. my email is

  4. I am interested in the DS fabric (I'll take 1 FQ if Amy only wants one) and also a FQ of the brown dot.

    I could swap a Robert Kaufman Spot on Dot in purple if you'd like, plus I have oodles of modern orange scraps I could swap.

    I'm a new follower.

  5. I LOVE the Florist Shop fabric. I'm in the US so one FQ wouldn't be worth the shipping. Let me know if you have any other novelty fabric bits and maybe we can arrange a swap :)

  6. I'm interested in items C and E, and have some stuff I would like to swap here:

    Take a look and let me know if anything catches your eye!

  7. Shoot, I think I'm too late for the DS. If not, I'd trade for the DS and some of the vintage. (But I don't want the vintage without the DS, sorry.) I will email photos of some possible trades. PS I'm in Tennessee.

    1. PS I now follow by reader (but feedly, not bloglovin).

  8. Oh my gosh, after all that, I just found the DS in my stash. Sigh.

  9. Hello fellow kiwi blogger :-). I'd love those granny squares from you. I'll probably order fabric soon from Missouri Star or - I could grab a charm pack of something they have, if you like.

  10. I wouldn't mind the wool, but the postage to Australia would probably be ridiculous. Plus I see the wool has already travelled from Australia to China and then New Zealand, it probably wants to rest now.

  11. I would happily swap you some more modern fabric for the vintage sheets! I am not home but could find you a couple of fqs of something you would like once I m home? We're you after any particular colours? I am in Australia :)

  12. Glad you've had some good swaps already! Sadly you're a bit far from me but lovely fabrics! Hope you manage to find some Kate & Birdie!


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