Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sewing Card-Inspired Activity

Recently I blogged that I was keen to find ways to sew with Ruby and a couple of people mentioned using sewing cards when they were young.  Instead of a sewing card, I had the idea to use a cheap canvas I had and punched a series of holes using the needle to form the outline of a house.  I grabbed some embroidery floss in a range of colours and a thick blunt needle from my craft room, not sure what type of needle it is.

Ruby really wasn't keen to use the needle so I ended up being the one to do the sewing, but she was intrigued by the needle pulling the thread through the holes and watched intently.  She selected the colours to use and was also in charge of trimming the thread.  She also suggested additional detail in the design (the door handle).  It didn't quite turn out how I hoped, in that Ruby wouldn't use the needle, but she was really interested in the activity, so we will try this again another day and perhaps she'll have a go with the needle. 


  1. my boys like to draw pictures on fabric and then colour it in or follow their lines with needle and thread. You've done a great job though; I'm sure Ruby will be keen to do her own soon!

  2. I think this is lovely. Perhaps using a thicker thread (maybe some kind of wool/yarn) would help her more confident? And my suggestion would be to just have ipthis kind of project out for her to discover when she's ready (although that's difficult with the needle) as well as doing it together. I have some little boys I look after and they were constantly asking what and why and how. I bought them little tapestry sets and one boy worked steadily for the next two hours the other spent 10 minutes and then was happiest to sit and watch us sew. I feel very confident that he'll find his sew with time and opportunity :-) He was anxious about making mistakes :-/
    E xx


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