Wednesday, 26 February 2014

WIP Wednesday: February wrap-up

Last Wednesday of February, which means Spring is ever so closer for many of you, for us it means Autumn will soon be making it's presence felt.  I've got an awful lot on the go at the moment - here's a quick round up.

The girls and I dug up the last of our Rocket potatoes this morning, this is our haul from the four plants that were still in the ground:

Most days we get 6 eggs, they are usually still warm when I collect them, they all lay in one nesting box, even though there are 4 boxes to choose from! 

In the studio, there are many things in progress - taking priority is my entry for the Radiant Orchid challenge, I told myself I wouldn't give out any sneak peaks, to try and capitalise on the wow factor, but I can't talk about it and not show something, so here is a little snippet:

Scraps 101: we've got a guest post coming in the next few days, so stay tuned for that.  I'm currently trying out some things with selvedge scraps, so far I've sewn them onto some cardstock, and I think I'll slice it up and make some improv style cards with it.

I've got two bed-sized quilts in progress and two new patterns to go with them, one of them is for Pepper-Mae using the lovely Charley Harper fabric:

Also, in January I set a goal of completing a set of 4 improv pieced placemats - I haven't finished them, but I've got 5 of them pieced (made an extra one), here's a peak at them:

Finally, there's still time to enter our current giveaway - so check it out.

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  1. What a great haul from the garden! Am I the only one a little afraid of chickens? My grandma had a chicken and it always tried to peck at me. Scared me half to death as a child. Can't wait to see your Pantone challenge quilt :)

  2. isn't it weird how chooks do that!! Ours do that too. Love the rocket load, I am leaving ours in the ground and just digging as we use them daily

  3. Love the sneek peak for your pantone challenge quilt! I am working on mine too, but not doing great and keeping it a secret!!

  4. Wow you have been busy! My mind is buzzing on what you are making for the challenge ;)

  5. I love fresh eggs! The selvedges look really cool and the snippets look great!

  6. It is hard not to give any sneak peaks ;-) I like your placemants. Nice!

  7. Your improv blocks are very interesting! I love this technique!

  8. Like your improv mats - those cool colours and grey go so well together. The bird fabric is great fun

  9. just finished planting my garden (summer is right around the corner) and noticed my potato plants peeking up from the dirt- your potato harvest has me hopeful that I will get some this year- the past 2 years were really slim.


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