Monday, 5 September 2016

WIP: City Samper and a Planning Sheet

Better late than never - almost 3 weeks in to the #100Days100Blocks Instagram sew-along I decided to join in ... and right from the first block I created (Block 20), I just couldn't help but rebel... Only one of the following 4 blocks was pieced strictly by the book.  Can you spot the rebellions?

This sew-along may just have helped me find my sewjo again.

Being late to the party means I need to do a bit of catchup, plus I have no time to sew on Tuesdays so I thought I would do a bit of planning and get the Tuesday blocks done ahead of time.  This means I'm doing the blocks all out of order and needed to keep track of which ones I've done ... so the planning sheet was born!  Born to be wild perhaps?

If you're interested in using this planning sheet, you can download it here (it's A4 - you may need to scale it):

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