Monday, 14 November 2016

Fishing for Geese: a baby quilt

When I first started making quilts I would see photos of gorgeous baby quilts that people had made and I would think "Wow, has this person ever spent any time with a baby? Don't they know that they poo, wee and vomit on EVERYTHING?"  Now I think, who cares - I'm not the one that has to wash it!  

I loved making this quilt, and for some unknown reason decided I just HAD to make it in one weekend.  So I did - the house ended up resembling a bombsite and the kids turned feral but, hey, I made a quilt in one weekend!

It's backed in this lovely baby-practical organic print from Spotlight.

I'm in love with this Angela Walters print for binding - machine sewn binding, because it'll spend a lot of time in the washing machine.

Subtle flying geese are very tricky to photograph, best done while still a WIP I think:

Quilt Stats
Finished Size: approx 36" by 50"
Pattern:  Original design  
Fabric: Panel is Storyboek 2 by Jaycyn Designs for Birch Fabrics (Organic), flying geese are a selection of prints from my stash, background is an organic homespun from Spotlight.    
Binding: Geneology Azul, from Legacy by Angela Walters for Art Gallery Fabrics
Backing: Organic fabric from Spotlight (no detail on selvedge)
Pieced and quilted by: me, on my domestic sewing machine.

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  1. Very cute. Sometimes it is cool to start and finish quickly!

  2. This quilt is so sweet! Perfect for a little baby! I love how you used a panel and added the flying geese above. It really looks wonderful!

  3. Wow, the quilt looks awesome. Love the design and I am totally in awe with your binding skills!

  4. Beautiful! I love the story here, sof colours and simple design! x Teje

  5. Just beautiful...and I love how you've thought about making it robust and practical for a real baby :) xAli

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, I can't reply directly because you come through as a no-reply blogger.

  6. Lovely baby quilt! I always include washing instructions with the quilts that I Gift because I want people to use them and wash them as needed. I love the scene you have created on your quilt!

  7. This quilt is just too sweet! I agree that baby quilts and made to be used, loved, and washed.

  8. Haha =D I always expect my Baby quilts to be washed a lot, so I machine bind them like you do. That backing is perfect!!


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