Thursday, 26 May 2011

Ruby's Ruffle Tee

Wow, who ever knew sewing a straight line on knit fabric was so hard?  I bought this lovely slinky navy fabric from Geoff's Emporium, I think it's a viscose.  I want to make a T for me out of it, but thought I'd test one out on Ruby first (less fabric wasted if it goes pear shaped).  Similarly, I wanted to try out a ruffle, as I haven't done a lot of ruffling (or gathering). 

Inspired by a recent post on Craftiness in Not Optional, I took one of Ruby's t-shirts and made a pattern out of it.  The sleeves are a bit small, which I think you can actually tell just by looking at the photo above, but that's easily fixed for next time.  While I was making this I thought it would have to be relegated to the dud pile because the neckline is just awful, the sleeves are a bit tight and the hemline - well, what can I say?  Judge for yourself - the sewing machine seemed to have a mind of its own.

But then I put it on Ruby and it didn't seem too bad - especially as she doesn't really sit still long enough for anyone to notice the neckline and hemline.

Now, my grandmother once told me that you shouldn't wear navy and black together, but I like the combination here.

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