Monday, 30 May 2011

Baby bundle

A friend has recently had her fourth child so I whipped up a gift for her over the weekend - a baby bundle!  The bundle includes a bib, a change mat, a nappy wallet and the shoes I made for Ruby that ended up being too smalll for her.

I had wanted to add some red bias binding to the bib, which would have finished it off nicely, but I had a bit of a nightmare trying to sew it on, so ended up unpicking what little bit I had managed to attach.  I started at the most difficult point on the bib, which was probably a bad idea - need more practice!

The change mat is the stripey dotty fabric on the outside and black vinyl on the inside, fastened with a dome.  Again I had high hopes of finishing it with some red bias binding but alas, my skills weren't up to it.

For the nappy wallet I used the same design as one I have made for myself, except I rounded the edge of the flap.

And I made some tags out of brown paper, just to see how they would look.

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