Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A cake, some balloons and a treasure hunt

Ruby had her first birthday last week, we had her birthday party on the weekend.  It was a little overwhelming for her but a lot of fun for us. 

We had a Dr Seuss themed party, the preparations for which all started some weeks ago.  First there were the invitations, we wrote a poem and made the invitations like little books. 

I made some party favour bags and stitched bits of Dr Seuss fabric onto them (it was a quick and dirty job so I think I'll avoid the term 'applique').  The favours inside were the little matchbook notepads I made a while ago, along with some bubbles and a crayon.

Cupcake toppers made from images from various Dr Seuss books:

Cake in the shape of Cat in the Hat's Hat:

Her bunting hung up for decoration:

Lots of balloons and a bubble machine.

The pass the parcel prize was a Cat in the Hat pencil case I'd made.  Fun to prepare, glad it's over.


  1. happy birthday Ruby! You should post the poem you wrote, S, it's so good :)

  2. I thought about including the poem but the post was getting so long with all those photos that I decided against it, might be worth a post of its own!


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