Friday, 5 August 2011

A crafty challenge

One of my brother-in-laws (he of the giant potato growing fame) couldn't see anything he needed in my Felt store on Cuatro's day so he issued me a challenge - "some sort of photo frame for a standard photo made from the bag material".

Here it is:

An oilcloth fridge magnet photo frame (for a 6 x 4 photo), with a matching smaller one.  It's quite tricky photographing it on the fridge door, the reflective nature of the door messes up with the automatic focus, so could only get it to focus with something in the frame

Here's the matching smaller one.

I'm picking these are the only ones in the world, so surely they should fetch a high price (50% of it will be donated to Sands, as will all the other custom orders I received on Cuatro's day).  I'm off to negotiate a price ...

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