Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A patchwork starter

We've had another rough week in our house, Ruby has been unwell again, so not a lot of crafting has taken place.  But I have managed to squeeze something in....

One of my pet peeves is when the malls put up their Christmas decorations so early, so let me apologise to all those people out there who also hate how the Christmas madness gets earlier and earlier each year.  I added a stocking pin to my 'Things to make' board over on Pinterest a while ago.  I wanted to try my hand at a bit of patchwork and make a stocking for Ruby at the same time.  I'm hoping to one day make a quilt for her for when she moves to a big girl bed and thought a Christmas stocking would be a less risky foray into patchworking/quilting (is someone out there seeing red that I lumped those two terms together?). 

I took the pattern from a FabricWorm tutorial, and then worked out how wide I wanted the blocks/stripes (unsure of correct patchworky term) to be.  I cut out the strips, sewed them together and then cut out the stocking pattern - this seems like the easiest way to achieve it.  A slight miscalculation meant that the stripes are not all a uniform width but oh well, I don't think Ruby will mind.  I didn't include the flap that the original tutorial has, I deemed it unnecessary for a patchwork one.

Isn't it difficult to photograph a stocking in a stylish manner?  Here it is hanging from the handle of a 1940s oak wardrobe that ended up in our garage yesterday.

And here it is hanging from a hook in the laundry. The front and back have different stripe configurations (again, probably not the correct patchwork term).

A closeup of my patchwork prowess, you'll no doubt be in awe.

I plan on adding her name in felt at the top, using the Heat'n'bond I got a while ago.  But I'm holding off because I've got another fabric combination I want to try first.  Her cousin can have this one if I like the other one better.  Or maybe I'll sell it.

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