Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Racetrack Take-Along

This is my prototype racetrack take-along, it's something I've been working on for quite a while, but had not had a chance to get it made.  Although this is my own design, car caddies are not my own idea, I first saw something like this on Emily's Little World, and then on various shops on Etsy. 

The Racetrack Take-along is a way of keeping little guys (or girls who're in to cars) occupied while out and about.  It holds three matchbox cars, has a street grid on it and rolls up nicely so will easily fit into a kids backpack or mum's big handbag.

We (my husband helped) have designed the streets so that they link up, so if two kids are playing together and they've both got them then they'll end up with a big circuit they can cruise around just by placing them side-by-side:

Or end-to-end:

Each one has three garages for matchbox cars (cars not included).

I'm probably going to play around with the design a bit, I've had some comments that the roads need to be curved and that they need white lines on them to look more like roads.  I'm thinking some of Joel Henriques' paper city print-outs would be fun to play with one of these.

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