Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bib city

I have found a few great vintage sheets over the last couple of months, I used some of the fabric from one of them for a market bag and needle wallet, and yesterday I thought I'd see what a couple of them looked like as bibs.  It's like this fabric was designed with bibs in mind, they look so great!

I made matching ones for Ruby and her cousin Sienna - so cute!  I packaged Sienna's one up so it looks like it was bought.

They are nice and big, good shoulder to shoulder coverage which I need with Ruby as she likes to rub her mouth on her shoulder while having dinner.

If your nana is still alive raid her linen cupboard - you might find some gems!  Our own linen is all one colour, lovely egyptian cotton and fantastic to sleep on but I feel like I'm doing Ruby a disservice by not having some special prints that she can reclaim and refashion in the years to come.

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