Friday, 22 July 2011

The Deli Bag

Introducing ... (drum roll please) ... the Deli Bag!

Why 'the Deli Bag'?  One day a few weeks ago I was at the supermarket and saw a lady carrying a bag that I liked the shape of, this is my interpretation of it, she just happened to be walking past the Deli section when I saw her (or, more accurately, saw her bag).

This is made out of black lace oilcloth (that I got from Oilcloth Addict), lined with black quilting cotton and fastened with a magnetic snap fastener, it has a pocket on the inside.  If anyone else in NZ is wondering how they can get their hands on magnetic snap fasteners, I got mine from Stitchbird.  I'm also wondering if Patchwork Passion sells them, based solely on something they mention on their website (I've never been there).

The bag and I went for a tour of our property trying to get a good shot of it, it's windy outside and it kept blowing over so the photos weren't all that successful.  The good thing about oilcloth, though, is that you can wipe it clean with a damp cloth, which is great if you put it down on the boggy ground (such as the ground all over Auckland).  Here are a couple more photos so you can oogle it:

Here's one for the fabric addicts out there, oilcloth in all it's loveliness:

I'm a little bit frustrated with the whole tension thing - I did a practise run on a scrap and the tension seemed fine, while sewing the oilcloth outer it seemed fine, but then when sewing the lining and outer together the tension turned to custard - am I supposed to adjust the tension when I put the two different types of fabric together??  This bag was made by placing one bag inside the other and then stitching around the top, which is how I make the market bags, but for the next bag I think I'll follow the assembly instructions for this bag, albeit not the dimensions.

I even remembered to sew in a label, which I usually forget to do.  

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  1. wow, love the oilcloth! and the shape of the bag is beautiful too :)


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