Sunday, 24 July 2011

Chalk it up! (Part 2)

I've been playing around with chalkcloth again and getting in some more practice with zips - the result is a chalk cloth pencil case.

You'll be seeing a lot of zips here in the future.  I ordered a whole bunch online from kandcsupplies, let's not dwell on exactly how many zips I purchased, suffice to say that I may never get through them all.  And because I am impatient, I bought some off trademe to tide me over until my US order arrives.  All this adds up to lots of zips.  I see many people getting pencil cases, pouches and other zippered parafernalia as gifts in the future.

This one is now for sale in my Felt store.  I think it looks great just on it's own, without the chalkiti (chalk graffiti) - it reminds me of a licorice allsort (black with a pink centre).  You can use chalk markers on it too, these can take a while to dry off completely but give a finer (and longer lasting) finish.

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