Sunday, 31 July 2011


Recently I had a vintage linen swaparama with Hazelnutgirl, this is what I got: (forgot to take photo of what I swapped)

And this is what I've done with it - a skirt for Ruby, so cute, wish I had more of this fabric now!

And some bibs, which are now for sale in my Felt store.


  1. Oh that IS cute! I wish I had more of it to give you too, but I have to save the last little bit for me :) It only came as two pillowcases, but that must mean there are sheets floating around - I have the blue version as a sheet.

  2. Fair enough, I'd be saving it for myself too! I have the blue version as a pillowcase, which I might have to make a skirt out of for Ruby's cousin, I'm really into making matching (but different) outfits for them, which people used to do for my sister and our cousin and at the time I hated it! Now I've turned into one of those people.


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