Friday, 15 July 2011

Ruby's Bunting

I finally managed to make Ruby's bunting out of the Dr Seuss fabric I bought on my recent trip down south (the practice bunting I made sold by the way - yippee!).

If I make more bunting I will do it a bit differently - I used bias binding as the tape but didn't fold it over on itself, I just sewed the flag to the binding, but this meant that I sewed the full length of the tape twice, which just provided too many opportunities for wonky sewing.  Next time I will use some really wide bias binding and fold it over on itself, encasing the top of the flag.

There are 9 flags, three of each of these fabric:

So three sets of these:

The back of each flag is red polka dot, the bunting looks great on the back too (but the tape holding it all together doesn't, another reason why I should have done it differently).

This fabric (from Robert Kauffman) was such a nice fabric to work with, it feels so soft.  I think I'm a quilting cotton convert. 

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