Monday, 11 July 2011

Envelope Templates

Things have been a bit barren on the blogging front for me over the last week or so.  I've been preoccupied with other things, one of which was making the invitations for Ruby's first birthday party.  For some invitations I made my own envelopes and thought I'd make some templates available for anyone else who wants to make their own envelopes.

There's all sorts of things you can make custom envelopes out of: scrapbooking paper, coloured paper, foreign newspapers, magazines, old childrens books, old encyclopedias, old music scores ... the list is endless.  Yes, this isn't new, lots of people do it, I know.  Here are a couple I've made recently:

The one above is from an edition of El Pais (Spanish newspaper) from a couple of years ago.  The one below is from a Brothers Grimm storybook I got from an op shop, this is from the Iron John story.

If you are going to use the templates there are a couple of important points:
  • please first measure inside the fold lines (the dashed lines) to make sure it has printed out the correct size, I wrote the dimensions on two of them (if you can read my scribble), for the one without measurements maybe check an A6 piece of paper fits within the dashed lines.
  • you'll need your margins to be as narrow as possible for the C6 templates.
I'd love to see some photos of any you make!

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