Friday, 17 June 2011

Additions to my stash

While I was away recently I hit the op shops with my sisters.  Here is a selection of what I got. Some vintage linen:

Some women's clothes to refashion into clothes for Ruby:

I also went to Annie's Country Quilt Store in Ashburton, I made a special visit there because I had phoned them a couple of days earlier to see if they had some of the Robert Kaufman Celebrate Seuss collection.  I was thrilled to hear that yes, they did have some and it had only just arrived.  I showed great restraint:

Another fantastic recent acquisition is some pinking shears, given to my by my mother in law, probably not used for about 30 years but still in their original box.  I'm just itching to pink.


  1. Oh wow, you did do well with the linens! I have that blue one top centre in the blue and also pink! I think there were some very popular patterns. I should have suggested a little fat quarter (or smaller) swap if you wanted a few more.

  2. The blue one top centre is a pillowcase that also feels like it has barely (if at all) been used. Definetly keen for a fat quarter swap. I have plans for some of them: The orange/yellow ones down the bottom are crying out to be made into a giraffe softie, yet another thing on my to do list, the pink floral bottom left is going to be a top for Ruby.

  3. If you have any of the two very yellow prints on the bottom spare I'd love to swap something for them - I have so much I'd be happy to do a two-fer. Have a look at these photos and see if there's anything that looks good and I was thinking about doing a swap through my blog but decided it would probably get too difficult, but the photo is handy for private swaps!

  4. I'm swooning over your vintage linen. Great finds.


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