Friday, 17 June 2011

I heart Air New Zealand

I haven't blogged for a while because we've been on holiday staying with my family down south.  We came home on Sunday, right when the volcanic ash cloud was making it's way up the South Island causing all sorts of havoc for those wanting to make like a bird and fly.  Our Jetstar flight was cancelled, but Mila was watching over us on Sunday, she sprinkled some of her angel dust on Christchurch airport and things turned out ok:
  • We got standby flights on Air New Zealand for $59 each!  What a bargain, that's even cheaper than the original cost of our Jetstart flight;
  • The cabin crew rearranged a passenger so that we could sit together, which makes flying with a baby so much easier;
  • The plane had to fly low (due to the ash) so we had an awesome view of the Southern Alps and Mt Taranaki; and
  • We only got home an hour later than the time we would have got home had we been on our scheduled flight.
All in all, thanks to Air New Zealand, it turned out to be no drama at all.

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