Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Crafting for a Cause!

mila+cuatro recently opened a Felt store.  It no doubt slipped under the radar of most of the world but I'm pleased to announce that we have already made a sale - and to a complete stranger at that!

10% of the sale price (excluding shipping) of items sold in the mila+cuatro Felt store will be donated to Sands (the Auckland Central branch).  Sands is a charity that supports bereaved parents who lose a child close to birth.  Through Sands I have had the opportunity meet other unfortunate souls for whom every parent's worst nightmare is their reality - Sands has helped me enormously and I would love to think that my crafting can in some way help someone else. 

A challenge to any other crafty types out there - why not pick a charity and donate a percentage of your sales to a good cause?

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