Saturday, 25 June 2011

Oilcloth starter

Just finished my first oilcloth project, a little something to get used to working with oilcloth.  I'm glad I started small, as there are a few things you need to know before embarking on an oilcloth project: 

1) You can't use a normal foot.  I bought a non-stick (teflon) foot.  I read somewhere that you can try putting masking tape on your normal foot.
2) You can't use pins, you also wouldn't want to be doing any unpicking - needles and pins leaves holes in the oilcloth.  I used wooden pegs.
3) You can't use an iron to press it.  Finger pressing is a good option.
4) You need heavy duty machine needles.
5) You probably need to play around with your tension.  (I didn't do this - you'll be able to tell that from the photos)

These are things I didn't know when I purchased my oilcloth.

So what did I make?  A case for my thread cutter.  Until today my thread cutter lived in the ugly packaging it came in, too dangerous to leave naked in my sewing kit. 

 Yes, I have yellow velcro.  Found it in an op shop and just knew it would come in handy.  There were other colours as well and I'm kicking myself for not buying them.

After I took the photos I decided to add a piece of felt on the fold where the blades hit the oilcloth.  The stiching is really obvious on oilcloth, certainly on this yellow one anyway.  I needed to adjust the tension on the sewing machine, but was too lazy - I'll pay particular attention to this on my next project.

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