Friday, 17 June 2011

Spread the Crove

While we were away I spent a bit of time spreading the Crove (craft love).  My sisters and I had a couple of craftathons.  I made a dress for my niece Sienna, similar to the one I made Ruby.  Sienna's one is reversible, with pockets on the front, the lining is a vintage flannelet sheet.  Unfortunately it doesn't fit very well, it is too wide but hopefully in a year or so it will be perfect!

Sister B made a whale softie and some felt elephants, Sister N started a bag.  Another one of my nieces joined us and made all sorts of felt fridge magnets.  I also made a hair tie - I embroidered a lazy daisy on some denim which I then used to cover a fabric covered button, then threaded an elastic hair tie through it.  I also started a donut pincushion, but hadn't taken enough felt with me so haven't finished it yet.

Sadly no photographs of the craftathon outputs (apart from the dress), I didn't get around to it - maybe next time!

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